What method should I choose – PPS or PPLNS?

This is a political question. Both methods are great and have some pros and cons (see this article) We recommend PPS for new miners since it gives constant earnings every 10 minutes. PPLNS will give you 0.5% more earnings long-term (weeks, months, years) but luck can be pretty tough sometimes.

Some tips:

Use PPLNS if you mine 24/7.

Use PPS if you miner occasionally, like playing games, etc.

Why don’t see earnings on my wallet page?

If you use PPLNS (default) you get earnings when the pool finds a block. Sometimes it can take few hours.

My mining software reports a different hashrate than the pool

The pool determines your hashrate based on the number of shares sent by your mining rigs (workers) and the difficulty of those shares. This value can be different from that your mining software reports due to network latency, caching etc. The best way is comparing 24 hours average on your software and the pool.

My Miner software can’t connect to 3838 port

Probably your service provider, router, or firewall is blocking cryptocurrency mining.

If you get a message like “Can’t connect” or “Can’t parse json” and have ASUS router – try to go into the router Settings -> AiProtection and then turn off Two-Way IPS.

Another option is using SSL:

Updated on September 26, 2021

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